Web articles made accessible

Read articles distraction free on your Kindle, in your feed reader, or on paper.

Developers: extract and analyse article content in your own applications.

Feed Control

Monitor RSS feeds, Twitter and webpages. Filter and expand feeds, and receive email and webhook alerts for each new item.

Push to Kindle

Send longform articles to your Kindle app or device for a better reading experience.

Simple Print

Easily create printable, 2-column PDFs from web articles. A compact layout and smart text sizing reduces paper and toner use.

Full-Text RSS

Convert partial, summary-only web feeds into full-text feeds. Or give it an article URL and it'll give you the article content stripped of clutter.

Feed Creator

Generate RSS and JSON feeds from a set of links or other web page elements. Perfect for sites which don't offer feeds.

PDF Newspaper

Turn your favourite web feed into a printable newspaper-style PDF.


Quickly summarize web articles with OpenAI


Convert a web article into plain text. No ads, tracking, links, or images. Just text.

We literally couldn't have made the curation RSS feed we needed without FiveFilters.org; our readers adore it and so do we.
The Push to Kindle app is possibly the greatest tab-clearer ever invented.
Use Push to Kindle to send any webpage you are on (phone or laptop) to your Kindle
Simple Print is a website that converts web articles into nice, easily-printed PDF files. It was remarkably effective on the URLs I fed it.
I love the Push to Kindle app from FiveFilters.org. Lets you send/save a long article to read on your Kindle from your phone or laptop. Kindle reading is much more peaceful for me.
…thanks for the tip on fivefilters.org, through it I found @medialens and that's my type of news!

What's New

Curated Feeds in Feed Control

In Feed Control you can now enable “curation mode” on your feeds. The feed will be monitored as before, but you will now have to pick the items that should be included in the feed output.

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