Web articles made accessible

Read articles distraction free on your Kindle, in your feed reader, or on paper.

Developers: extract and analyse article content in your own applications.

Push to Kindle

Send longform articles to your Kindle app or device for a better reading experience.

Simple Print

Easily create printable, 2-column PDFs from web articles. A compact layout and smart text sizing reduces paper and toner use.

Full-Text RSS

Convert partial, summary-only web feeds into full-text feeds. Or give it an article URL and it'll give you the article content stripped of clutter.

Feed Creator

Generate RSS and JSON feeds from a set of links or other web page elements. Perfect for sites which don't offer feeds.

PDF Newspaper

Turn your favourite web feed into a printable newspaper-style PDF.

Term Extraction

Convert a piece of text or a web article into a list of relevant terms. Useful for tagging.

Explore Independent Media

Give it a web article and it'll show you stories from non-corporate media related to the topic of the article.


Convert a web article into plain text. No ads, tracking, links, or images. Just text.

We literally couldn't have made the curation RSS feed we needed without FiveFilters.org; our readers adore it and so do we.
The Push to Kindle app is possibly the greatest tab-clearer ever invented.
I love the Push to Kindle app from FiveFilters.org. Lets you send/save a long article to read on your Kindle from your phone or laptop. Kindle reading is much more peaceful for me.
Simple Print is a website that converts web articles into nice, easily-printed PDF files. It was remarkably effective on the URLs I fed it.
…thanks for the tip on fivefilters.org, through it I found @medialens and that's my type of news!