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Easy article extraction.

Extract the full article content from a web page or a summary-only RSS feed.

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News enthusiasts

Transform summary-only web feeds into full-text feeds stripped of clutter and ads. Read articles in full, in peace, in your favourite news reading application.


Extract article content from web articles and partial feeds. Get results in XML or JSON. Use our hosted web service or download the software to run on your own servers.

Speedy article extraction

Extraction rules ensure accurate results for popular sites and blog platforms.


Where extraction rules do not exist, Full-Text RSS relies on heuristics to detect content automatically.

Language detection

Full-Text RSS can figure out the language of the article being processed.

Multi-page support

Articles split across a number of pages can be joined back together.


Add custom extraction rules for fine-grained extraction.

Easy hosting

Use our hosted service, or run it on your own servers. Pre-configured. No database required.

Hosted plans

The fastest way to get started

Feed Control

$ 9 monthly
  • Full-Text RSS feed expansion
  • Filter content
  • Up to 10 items returned per feed
  • No fivefilters.org link in output


usage-based pricing
  • Code snippets in multiple languages
  • XML and JSON output

If you’d prefer an access key to use the premium, hosted version of Full-Text RSS, subscribe here.

Host it yourself

The most flexible option: run our tools on your own servers!

Full-Text RSS 3.9.13

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