Feed Creator

Create a feed from a web page.

Generate RSS and JSON feeds from a set of links or other web page elements. Works with sites which don’t offer their own feeds, or your client’s sites which can’t be changed to offer RSS. Use it with Webflow CMS and other platforms.

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Use CSS selectors

Target the elements you want using CSS selectors.

Filter results

Keep items if they contain a desired word or URL segment.

Merge multiple feeds

Combine multiple feeds into one.

Easy hosting

Use our hosted service, or run it on your own servers with Docker.

Hosted plans

The fastest way to get started


  • Personal use
  • 2 hour cache time
  • Up to 5 items returned per request

Feed Control

$ 9 monthly
  • Email alerts
  • Lower cache times
  • Up to 10 items returned per request
  • Feed expansion

If you’d prefer an access key to use the premium, hosted version of Feed Creator, subscribe here.

Host it yourself

The most flexible option: run our tools on your own servers!

Feed Creator 2.3

14 June 2024Changelog