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Feed Control

  • Monitor feeds, tweets and web pages
  • Expand feeds
  • Filter content
  • Receive email alerts
  • Webhooks
  • RSS and JSON generation


  • Article extraction

If you’d prefer an access key to use the premium, hosted version of Full-Text RSS and Feed Creator, subscribe here.

Host it yourself

The most flexible option: run our tools on your own servers!

Feed Creator

80 one-off
  • Free updates for 1 year


  • Free updates for 2 years
  • Feed Creator
  • Full-Text RSS

Full-Text RSS

75 one-off
  • Free updates for 1 year

14-day money-back guarantee

Try our software risk-free. Get a full refund within 14 days if you find it's not for you.
Note: does not apply to RapidAPI, where you're charged based on usage.

Bespoke solutions

If you need a custom solution involving article extraction or web feeds, please get in touch.

Common questions

Can I try for free?

You can try most features of our software by following links to the product pages. Feed Control offers a 7-day trial of the Plus plan after signup (no credit card required). We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Do I need a web host?

You will need a web host for our self-hosted products (“Host it yourself”). You do not need a web host with our hosted plans.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We offer support via our forum and contact form. We aim to answer support queries within 2-3 days.

How do I cancel a service?

In Feed Control, you can cancel through your account page. If you’re using one of our other services, cancel either through 2Checkout or RapidAPI. You can also contact us.

Can I move from the hosted service to hosting myself?

We offer self-hosted solutions for some of our services, but not all. If you’re using a product that’s available for self hosting, you will have to update the URLs you currently use to point to your self-hosted copy.