At FiveFilters.org we focus on:

  1. Developing software to make web articles more accessible

  2. Engaging in media activism to highlight bias and promote non-corporate, independent media.

Our software has thousands of happy users — from avid readers and news enthusiasts to researchers and software developers.

Our media activism work includes promoting ad blocking, highlighting media bias, and promoting independent media.

Why 'Five Filters'?

Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky describe the media as businesses which sell audiences to advertisers. In their propaganda model of the media they point to five ‘filters’ which determine what we read in newspapers and see on television. These filters produce a very narrow view of the world that’s in line with government policy and business interests.

In the book Newspeak in the 21st Century David Edwards and David Cromwell ask

Why on earth do we, the public, continue looking to corporate media like the Guardian and the Independent for honest analysis and credible solutions? If we can wake up to the irrationality of our own trust and expectations — if we can become dis-illusioned — we can do something different. We can begin to build our own media, our own sources of information, communication and analysis. This, perhaps more than ever before, is entirely possible. As a result, ideas and action can emerge that are uncompromised by the profit drive. And out of this, in turn, can come hope that is not just one more clever deceit.

At FiveFilters.org we build tools and engage in media activism to help bring about a new media.

Propaganda in the media

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Who runs this?

FiveFilters.org was started at Medialab Prado in Madrid, Spain in 2009. Today it is managed by Keyvan Minoukadeh from Gothenburg, Sweden.