Dump the Guardian: Anti-Semitism smears

In 2018 the Guardian continued and intensified its attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, this time spreading spurious and damaging claims of anti-Semitism. We collected some of this output again to show the extent of the Guardian’s war on Corbyn.
This really is extraordinary from @fivefilters: 107 @guardian articles (all but 3 this year) linking Corbyn to antisemitism
This timeline of more than 100 headlines by the Guardian over the past year provides the disturbing details of how the paper has led efforts to manufacture the idea of an ‘anti-semitism crisis’ in Labour under leader Jeremy Corbyn
Even for someone as cynical about @guardian this is really really shocking to see set out in one piece
A brilliant resource piece, making the vital point about the establishment-serving Guardian. Great work from @fivefilters #DumptheGuardian