Feed templates and AI-voiced podcasts

Feed Control will soon let you choose a feed template when generating RSS feeds from your content. Here’s how that will look:

Standard Feed

A standard RSS feed is intended for consumer feed readers. It’s what we currently generate when you enable feed generation in Feed Control. We will soon offer a new version of our standard RSS feed template which will be enabled for new feeds, and customers who added feeds prior to the new template going live will be able to switch any of their existing feeds to the new template.

News Platform Feed

News platform feeds are a set of new templates for business customers who have partnered with third-party news platforms like Microsoft Start, Apple News, Flipboard, or SmartNews. Some of these platforms have stricter feed requirements and require additional data to be included in the customer’s feed. We have some customers who use Feed Control on such platforms, but the templates have been produced to meet each customer’s requirements. We’ll be opening this up more broadly soon with an interface to allow business customers to enable news-platform feeds adhering to the requirements of their target platform.

AI-voiced Podcast

Finally, a new feature we’re excited to roll out is the ability to turn your written content into an AI-voiced podcast. Podcasts are essentially RSS feeds which include audio that a podcast player can play. We’ll soon let publishers turn an existing feed into a podcast that they can offer readers as an alternative way to stay up to date with their content. Publishers will choose an AI voice to read their content, and Feed Control will do the rest.

More and more people are listening to podcasts and audio content, but not all publishers have the budget to produce audio content. With an AI-voiced podcast, an audio version of your content can be ready to listen to almost as soon as you hit publish.

We will start with offering word-for-word narration, with other styles planned for the future:

Publishers will get notified when a new audio episode is ready and can listen to it and amend the text if they’d like to re-generate the audio. When everything sounds good, they can approve the episode to have it go out for all listeners.

More info

Please get in touch if you need more information or want to be notified when these changes are live.