Request Feed Creation

Sorry, we currently cannot take any more custom feed creation requests. We’ll update here when we can accept custom feed requests again.

If you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, our how-to blog posts for Feed Creator might help:

Feed Creator can generate RSS feeds from webpages. Content such as:

  • News items
  • Search results
  • Job listings

These can be transformed into RSS feeds to be used in other applications. If you’d like us to generate a feed for a particular site, please provide the details below.

The service costs 15 for standard auto-updating feeds generated from pages compatible with Feed Creator. For pages which require additional work, or custom RSS output, you’ll receive a quote from us based on the complexity of the work involved.

If the URL you enter below and the items you want can be transformed into an RSS feed, we’ll email you with a price and payment link. After payment we’ll create the feed and you will receive the feed URL.

If we can’t produce an RSS feed from it, no payment will be requested, and we’ll email and let you know.