Full-Text RSS 3.2 released

Full-Text RSS 3.2 is now available for purchase.

What’s new?

There are quite a few improvements in this release (see below), but the main one is probably the ability to include excerpts in the output.

You can enable excerpts by passing ’&summary=1’ in the query string. This will place a plain text excerpt from the extracted content in the description element.

Another addition is the ability to omit full-text content from the output. So if you want Full-Text RSS to return only excerpts from a feed or web page, you can pass &summary=1&content=0 in the query string.

Note: if both content and excerpts are requested, the excerpt will be placed in the description element and the full content inside content:encoded. If excerpts are not requested, the full content will go inside the description element — where it has always appeared in previous versions.

Why does the location of the content change when excerpts are requested? According to the RSS advisory: “Publishers who employ summaries should store the summary in description and the full content in content:encoded, ordering description first within the item. On items with no summary, the full content should be stored in description.”

The full changelog for this release:

  • A short excerpt from the first few lines of the extracted content can now be included in the output (pass &summary=1 in querystring, see $options->summary in config file for more info)
  • Full content can now be excluded from the output (pass &content=0 in querystring, see $options->content in config file for more info)
  • Site config files can now be automatically updated from our GitHub repository (URL to call visible in admin area)
  • Site config files updated for better extraction
  • PHP Readability updated to be more lenient when pruning HTML
  • Language detection library updated
  • HTML meta refresh redirects now also followed
  • APC stats (if APC is available on your server) now visible in admin area
  • Bug fix: Duplicate find_string and replace_string values in site config files no longer removed (thanks Fabrizio!)
  • Bug fix: MIME type actions now applied when following single page URLs
  • Other minor fixes/improvements

Customers who purchased earlier versions should shortly receive an email with either a free download link (if purchased in the last 12 months) or links to a discounted upgrade.