Full-Text RSS 3.1 released

Full-Text RSS 3.1 is now available for purchase. The changelog entry for this release:

  • PHP Readability updated to preserve more images/videos
  • Site config files updated for better extraction
  • SimplePie updated
  • New site config option favour_feed_titles and request parameter use_extracted_title to allow extracted titles to be used in generated feed
  • Remove image lazy loading (looks for markup used by http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lazy-load/)
  • <category> elements appearing inside <item> elements are now preserved in generated feed
  • <media:thumbnail> elements now preserved
  • Allow multiple <media:content> elements (previously only one was preserved)
  • Bug fix: No more self-closing iframe elements
  • Bug fix: Fixed manifest.yml to prevent error message when deploying to AppFog
  • Other minor fixes/improvements

Customers who purchased in the last year should have received an email with a free download link.