Feed Creator 1.3

The new version of our Feed Creator application is now available. This is mostly a maintenance release. Customers who purchased this before can download the latest version from our member page. Here’s what’s new.

Links with non-ASCII characters in the URL now returned

There was a bug in the previous version which resulted in links that contained URLs with non-ASCII characters getting omitted from the resulting feed.

Compatibility test file

You can now download our compatibility test file before buying the application to see if your server will be able to run it. This is a simple PHP file you upload to your server and access via your browser.

HTML5 parsing with Gumbo

We recently came across Alexander Fedyashov’s PHP extension for Gumbo, Google’s fast HTML5 parser. If this extension is installed, we’ll now make use of it instead of the standard libxml parser.

We’ll soon add this extension to our Puppet server initialization script so users who build their hosting environment using that will be able to make use of it without much effort.

Full changelog entry

  • Bux fix: links containing URLs with non-ASCII characters now encoded and returned
  • Request parameter item_url can now take value 1 to use input URL for all item URLs (item_url=1)
  • Compatibility test file added (fc_compatibility_test.php)
  • Gumbo HTML5 parser used by default if Gumbo PHP extension installed
  • HTML5-PHP library updated
  • SimplePie library updated
  • PHP 7.1 compatible
  • Other minor fixes