Feed Creator 2.1

Feed Creator 2.1 is now available. With Feed Creator you can generate RSS feeds for web sites which don’t offer their own. You can also filter and merge existing feeds to remove items that you don’t need. If you’re new to Feed Creator, read the guide.

Existing customers can download the latest version through our customer login. If you’d like to use the hosted premium service, you’ll find the button to purchase below the main form.

Select attributes

It’s now possible to select attribute values when constructing a CSS selector for item title, item description, and item date. To do so you add @attribute-name to the end of the selector.

For example, the date selector: time @datetime will select the datetime attribute in <time datetime="2020-06-30 10:30:00 GMT">1 hour ago</time>

Another example: the item title selector: img.main @alt will select the alt attribute text in an image element as the item title.

Send HTTP headers

It’s now possible to submit cookies, referer URLs and user agent strings as HTTP headers with the three new fields in the custom HTTP header section.

Fraidycat as a subscribe option

We’ve now added Fraidycat as a subscribe option. Do check out the site if you haven’t come across it before.

Expanded inline help

We’ve added more information and examples in help boxes which open when you click the question mark icons next to some of the fields on the form. This replaces the small tooltips we used before.

We’ve also made these available on our help site.

Full changelog

  • Bug fix: URLs with non-ASCII characters now handled better
  • Bug fix: Case sensitive matching was used for text_contains and strip_if_text values when using in_id_or_class selector (now case insensitive, matching behaviour in advanced-selector mode)
  • Specify element attribute with @attr to get text content from an attribute value. Use with item_title, item_date, item_desc: e.g. item title selector can be ‘img @alt’ or ‘a.story @title’
  • When using advanced selectors, item_* parameters can now select context element itself (specified in item parameter) with ‘:scope’ as selector
  • Max items value in $options->max_items now used in form
  • When handling dates, relative dates (e.g. ‘10 hours ago’ or ‘4:03am’) will be ignored (otherwise item date could change subsequent requests)
  • Subscribe options can be modified in config ($options->subscribe_shortcuts)
  • Added Fraidycat – https://fraidyc.at – as a subscribe option
  • Added field for entering User-Agent HTTP header string (&ua=… parameter in extract.php)
  • Added field for entering Cookie HTTP header string (&cookie=… parameter in extract.php)
  • Added field for entering Referer HTTP header string (&referer=… parameter in extract.php)
  • Change default User-Agent HTTP header string in config ($options->user_agent_default)
  • Change default Referer HTTP header string in config ($options->referer_default)
  • Set cache time in config with $options->cache_time (60 minutes by default)
  • Expanded inline help with popup boxes which appear after clicking the question mark icons next to field labels