Alan Jacobs: How to read stuff posted online

Distuingished Professor of Humanities Alan Jacobs recently wrote a blog post about the difficulties of reading online. His post starts:

Very few sites on the internet are meant to facilitate reading — most are, in fact, designed to inhibit reading. Imagine watching a movie and having the image regularly shrink to a tiny size, overwhelmed by a much larger advertisement which also plays its sound at double the volume of the movie’s sound — that’s what reading a corporate site is usually like.

Alan Jacobs

We agree completely. And we were happy to read that Alan uses our Push to Kindle service to improve the reading experience on many such sites.

If simply attentive reading is the goal, I often use a service called Push to Kindle. It does a superb job of converting webpages so that they’re perfectly formatted for the Kindle.

Alan Jacobs

We recommend reading the full piece, How to read stuff posted online, on Alan’s blog. You can also subscribe to his blog posts via the RSS feed.