New Push to Kindle Android app

We’ve launched a new version of our Push to Kindle Android app on the Google Play store. Push to Kindle converts web articles into e-books, and delivers them to your Kindle account for a better reading experience.

If you like reading articles, but don’t like sitting in front of a bright monitor or phone screen to do it, you might want to give it a go. You’ll be able to read your favourite blog posts or news stories in the same reading environment you use for reading books.

Open article. Tap share. Tap Push to Kindle.

Here’s what’s new in the Push to Kindle app:

We no longer require email addresses to be entered to send articles

The new send mode (on by default) uses the official Amazon Kindle app to send the files Push to Kindle generates. This makes the initial setup experience much smoother, but also allows you to choose the device(s) you want to send the articles to.

Select Kindle destinations from the the Kindle app's Send to Kindle screen. Tap Send.

This also means that if you use the Android app, there’s no longer any need to share your Kindle email address with us.

Preview article content

There’s a new preview tab that allows you to see how well (if at all) we’ve been able to extract the article content you want to send to your Kindle. 

New Push to Kindle preview screen with title editing.

Edit article title

You can now edit the article title from the preview tab, similar to the Push to Kindle browser extensions.

Free app with monthly send limit

Another change is that app is now completely free to use if you send no more than 20 articles a month.

For those who want to send more, we offer a $5/month subscription option, as well as our existing Patreon plans.

Settings screen of the new Push to Kindle app

We’ve also updated the web app now so that app subscribers can login for unlimited sending. So whether you subscribe in the app or use Patreon, you’ll be able to use both the mobile and web app with your preferred subscription.

Difference between the mobile app and the browser extensions

Users of our browser extension might find that they get different results using the app. With the browser extensions we’re able to send the article content from your browser tab directly to Push to Kindle.

If you primarily access paywalled articles, you might find that the content can be extracted with our browser extensions but not the mobile apps. The Android platform doesn’t allow us to extract content in the same way, but we are thinking about workarounds that we might be able to implement.

At the moment, you can get extractions results similar to our browser extensions by using the bookmarklet. But setting that up on mobile requires a bit of work.

What about the previous Android app?

Users of the old app can continue to use it, but it’s no longer available to download from the Google Play store. The old app will still be functional until June. We’ll be encouraging users to switch to the new app nearer that time.

Get the new Push to Kindle app for Android

If you have any trouble with the new app, whether it’s errors or content extraction issues, please do let us know. You can email us at [email protected] or post in our forum.

Help us translate the app

If you enjoy using the app and would like to help us translate the interface and text to more languages, please visit our translation site. We’re grateful for all translation help and would be happy to credit everyone who helps out with the translations on the Push to Kindle web page.