Push to Kindle: smaller titles, auto send, EPUB download

We’ve updated our Push to Kindle web app, used to send web articles to your Kindle, with a few changes.

Smaller article titles

Compared to the body text, the size of article titles was always quite large. This was especially noticeable in the amount of vertical space used up for long titles. We’ve now reduced the title size to improve display.

If you load articles with long titles, you’ll hopefully appreciate this small change.

Automatic send

We’ve now added an option in the settings panel to enable automatic sending. 

If you send a lot of articles, this will save you a click each time you use Push to Kindle. There’s a five second window to cancel the automatic send when Push to Kindle loads, so if you need to make changes or if you wish to disable automatic sending, simply click cancel and you’ll be able to make whatever changes you need.

EPUB download

We’ve always offered an EPUB download in Push to Kindle, but we’ve now added it as an option in the settings page for those of you who primarily use Push to Kindle for EPUB downloads. 

Selecting EPUB here will cause the send button to initiate an EPUB download. But you’ll also be able to make use of the automatic send feature to have Push to Kindle automatically initiate EPUB download when you use Push to Kindle. (Note: your browser may request additional permissions to enable automatic download of EPUB files.)

Amazon EPUB delivery

As discussed in our previous post, Amazon has announced that its Personal Documents Service will not accept MOBI files in the future and instead has started officially accepting EPUB files. As such Push to Kindle is now sending EPUB and not MOBI files. The end result should be the same as before.

Feedback and suggestions

Please do let us know what you think about these features, especially if you encounter problems. We’ve developed these in response to requests from patrons, and we always appreciate feedback and feature requests to improve Push to Kindle.