Let’s encourage ad blocking

If you use an ad blocker, you’ve probably come across sites which ask you to switch it off. Doing so exposes you to not only ads and spying, but often malware too—as many Forbes readers discovered when they did just that at the behest of the site.

Many ad-dependent sites are now so desperate for ad money that they’ll give you a stern telling off if they find you’re using an ad blocker, or prevent you from seeing their content until you turn it off

Extraction tests for Full-Text RSS

As many of our users know, Full-Text RSS, our article extraction tool, relies on a number of site-specific extraction rules which we maintain in our GitHub repository.

These extraction rules were initially imported from Instapaper (before it was sold, when they were still publicly available). And since then we’ve done our best to update them and have received many contributions from our users (thank you!).

Visual content block selector for Full-Text RSS

Our Full-Text RSS application can extract article content in web pages through a combination of automatic content detection and site-specific extraction rules.

When a user encounters a problem extracting content from a particular site, we usually point them to our help page for writing custom extraction rules. That can not only be quite time consuming, but to do it, we assume users have an understanding of HTML and XPath.